Platformio (2D Platformer)

The Platformer is a versatile game type that come in many dimensions and sizes. Like the old Super Mario Worlds, and many side-scrolling action games, 2D platformers can provide a great way to utilize various game mechanics, from puzzles to action fighting to racing. While limited to side-scrolling, 2D platfromers can have great depth (pun intended) and suck a gamers into hours and hours of fun.

For this tutorial, we assume you are already familiar with many GDevelop game-creation concepts and technical know-how (see the previous tutorials in this course, if not).

Also, there are available GDevelop tutorials for such games already, e.g.:

And lots of related youtube videos...

So, we will dispense with some basics, and concentrate on new ideas.

We will also be looking at creating our own or importing different game assets than the ones found in GDevelop's asset store.

Important Features

Good platformers will have a compelling story - save princess, survive alien invasion, deliver the goods on time, etc.

A good platfromer needs to have an end-goal, good graphics, and engaging game mechanics whether fighting, puzzling, racing AI or time, others, or a mix.

But, we won't be teaching anything that's important for a good Platformer, just the basics. It's up to you to use your creative juices and skills to come up with something unique and interesting.