Gelda (RPG)

Gelda is an Role Playing Game (RPG) demonstrating dialog and simple combat. More precisely, it falls into the genre of Action RPG (...combat takes place in real time), as opposed to the Turn-based RPG (...player and enemies takes turns during combat). We'll be emulating one of the most well known game in the genre, Zelda...

...but with a little less pot smashing and violence against innocent chickens.

The video is actually of Zelda 3. The original Zelda doesn't have much dialog, and Zelda 2 is a platformer.

In a casual game, the focus is on a single innovative (...and catchy) game mechanics; this makes them relatively easy to create, but hard to stand-out. For an RPG, it very much about the whole package. A good RPG needs an interesting story (...we won't cover that), good graphics (...ditto), and an engaging combat mechanics (...our's is gonna be really plain). Basically, we won't be teaching anything that's important for a good RPG, but at the end of this course you should have a working RPG, and it's up to you to fill in the fun bits.

This is what our completed version will look like. Click anywhere in the game to start the sound.

Click here to play the game in a page of its own.