What's Next?

Challenge 1. Translucent Buttons

Currently, objects under the buttons are covered by it. Make the buttons translucent, so that you can see through it.

There is an action for changing opacity.

Challenge 2. Different Enemies

Our current game only have a single type of enemy. Can you add in more types of enemies?

Challenge 3. More NPCs

Can you add in more NPCs with dialog?

Challenge 4. Win the Game

Right now, the game can't be won. We simply did not create a Win condition for the game.

Can you think of a suitable end for the game and implement a Win condition? You should create a new Win scene and switch to that scene when the Win conditions are met.

Challenge 5. Game Resolution

You can find the Game Resolution settings by going to Project Manager, Game settings, Properties.

Depending on whether you want your game to be played in the portrait or landscape format, you may want to change the game resolution to better fit your screen.

Challeng 6. Sound Effects

We have a background music, but no sound effects. Can you add in sound effects for events such as hitting a monster or picking up the key?

Challenge 7. Effects and Behavior

Play around with the available effects and behaviors. Some of them may be useful in making your game look better or more interesting.

Challenge 8. Scene Transition

Currently, switching between scenes is very abrupt. Make use of effects and timers to make the scene change more gradual.

You can change the effect parameter through actions. For example, you can change the size parameter of the Pixelated effect to make the object look more and more pixelated with time.

If you use the Play sound on channel action, you can then use the Volume of sound on channel action to change the volume. This is useful in creating a fade-out effect.


Here's an example with some of the challenges implemented. Click anywhere in the game to start the sound.

Click here to play the game in a page of its own.