Movement Sequences

Let's test our Tank Movement blocks in Sequential programs.


The fundamental unit of a code is an execution statement.

Do this.

Do that.

One or more statements following each other is called a sequence, meaning one statement follows another.

Challenge 1

Let's try some simple code sequences.

HEY! No Joystick...

Algorithmic Thinking - in the above challenge, we could make the robot move forward 3 times:

Move Tank

Instead of 3 Move Forwards, can you do the above with just 1 Move Tank block?

How far is Move Tank moving forward? 1 Rotation

However far 1 rotation of the wheels gets you - which is the circumference of the wheel.

Tip: The bigger the wheel the further you'd go using 1 rotation...

Some other math concepts you may not have covered yet:

Also, 1 Rotation = 360 degrees

If you want to go less than 1 rotation, change the distance unit to degrees.

For instance, to go half as far, use 180 degrees.

If you know your fractions and decimals, 180 degree is 0.5, or half of a full rotation.

Practice 1

Can you make the robot go until JUST before the wall?

Challenge 2

Solve the same challenge by using 1 Move block only, by changing the Rotations/Degrees

Practice 2

Write a sequence that make the robot go back and forth 4 times

What should we call this dance move?

Practice 3

Create a sequence that makes the robot each time go 2 steps forward, 1 step back... repeat that three times!

Practice 4

Create another sequence like above, but each time make the robot go further forward and backward - like this pattern

Use the basic world