Sharp Turns

Being able to make turns is an important part of driving a particular path. In this section we will be exploring how to make turns.

Turning Pivot

If you remember, doing a Left turn required us to either:

Try both!

It's Your Turn!


Use the same Move Tank block to try and make a perfect left turn.

You'll need to decide on which wheel to move fwd/back or keep off, and you will need to do some trial and error on the number of rotations.



Computational Thinking Hints

Remember some of the processes that can help you think like a robot:

Decomposition - Break the problem down into little bits

You need:


Figure out the degrees needed to turn left exactly.

Once you have that you can forget about all the numbers in that block - just think of it as a Turn Left block - you can duplicate it if you need to turn left more than once.

Pattern Recognition

Do the same for a block to turn right.

It should look similar to your left turn block - just reverse which wheel goes forward and which goes back.

Algorithmic Thinking

Try to write down in English what you need to do:

Finish writing the full plan - this is roughly how many blocks of code you will need.

You can also see if you can reuse some of the blocks (duplicate).