Computational Thinking

This program is built around the idea of Computational Thinking, which is a 21st Century Competency buzz phrase all students must recognize!

But what does it mean?

What is Computational Thinking?

When people want to create calculators, computers, robots, and video games they need to think like a machine!

Machines like iPads don't think quite like humans. They don't get distracted! They don't care who is touching them. They are designed to do a few things really well, and they never do anything unexpected - except when they GLITCH!

So if we want to be good at understanding how our modern world works, we better be good at thinking like a machine, too!

Hence, Computational Thinking.

Machines are pretty bad still at some type of human thinking, but can be really good at some things that people can also be really good at, and much better than people at other ways of "thinking".

Four Computational Thinking skills that machines and humans can be quite good at:

We use these skills every day, but we don't necessarily know we are doing it.

For instance, can you solve this?

We will come back to this idea, when we discuss different activities in coding and designing our robot!