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Robotics is a multi-disciplinary subject.

In order to get a good grasp of Robotics, you need to understand:

These are the foundational theoretical fields related to Robotics.

But in order to make Robots you also need to study their counterpart engineering disciplines:

Each of these disciplines normally requires years of university studies to master.

This is NOT a University level course.

We are going to get a taste of all of the above, but all of the theory and much of the engineering has already been done for us by GearsBot platform and hidden inside the components available in its mechanical base and coding blocks.

If anything, the main discipline we will be studying and exercising is Systems Engineering, which looks at best practices for integrating various parts into a working system.

We will be taking a bunch of robotics design recipes and various building blocks of software and building them on top of each other to create a unique final product - a robot!

So, get ready to build, connect, and code as we begin our journey into the world of