IoT Simulation

We will start with a simulation evironment. This will introduce us to the 3 basic parts of an IoT enterprise solution:

For our IoT micro-controller we will be using the Espressif (ESP) family of development boards (namely, ESP8266 & ESP32).

For our IoT Cloud, we have a customized Blynk server in our office.

And for our GUI Dashboard, we will be using the Blynk Legacy application on our phones/tablets.

Of course, all of these devices must be connected to the internet at all times for things to work seemlessly.


The registration link for the custom Blynk Service can be found here.

Please make sure to:

Blynk App

The Blynk App to download to your phone/tablet is the LEGACY version of the app:




The IoT simulators can be found here.


The tutorial we will be following can be found here.