The Sumo challenge is a ubiquitous Robotics event in many national and international competitions.

The basic idea is to design a robot that can push another robot off a round mat.

Basic Rules

Basic Robot Design

You may get some ideas by looking at some simulation-based Sumo challenges.

Basic Algorithm

In English, the robot should look for opponent, and when it sees it charge at it. Retreat back if you see you're about to go out of bounds.

In pseudo-code this may look like:

  1. If ultrasonic detects opponent go Fwd
  2. Else if color sensor sees floor retreat back
  3. Else turn around in place...

Ultrasonic Sensor

Make sure it rides low to see all oppoenents, even the shortest ones...

The detction cone of an ultrasonic sensor is wider the further away it is from the target it is amiming at. So, when you detect an opponent from far away you may wish to corrcetc for that.

Color Sensor

Just point it down and make sure it says the border color properly. You can use the sensor dashboard on EV3 classroom, or the Ev3 Snsor view itself.